Libvirt is a toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). This is PHP language binding for it.


This code is alpha-quality. The code possess great skills for crashing your libvirt daemon, web deamon and maybe making your cat going wild. All the alpha releases are intended only for developers to work on and NOT for production use.


One big file or chunked pages. The documentation is available also in the package.


Only small subset of API is implemented. Mostly functions for connecting, obtaining domain/node status information and some basic domain lifecycle. If you are interested in particular libvirt function let me know and I will try to implement it.

Development repository

I started using for development repository. Feel free to download latest development snapshot there.


27.6.2010 - I did get some more positive reports. I am thinking about changing status to beta.

17.3.2010 - New version of php-libvirt published. It adds 3 new functions for getting memory, interface and block device statistics. I've also got reports of succesful use of php libvirt without crashing the libvirt or webserver (no reports on cats :-) ).


v0.3a ALPHA 29.6.2010 php-libvirt-0.3a-alpha.tar.gz - fixes compile against newer PHP

v0.3 ALPHA 17.3.2010 php-libvirt-0.3-alpha.tar.gz

v0.2.1 ALPHA 14.4.2009 php-libvirt-0.2.1-alpha.tar.gz

v0.2 ALPHA 13.4.2009 php-libvirt-0.2-alpha.tar.gz


You can install php-libvirt like any other ZEND extension. On Fedora you need to have php-devel package installed. Slightly more details are in the documentation.


Radek Hladík - r.hladik ( )